Last Chance Animal Rescue

Their annual budgets dwarf ours (see chart), but look at what Last Chance achieved. Caring for thousands of animals, and placing nearly 10,000 of them in loving homes every year -- that's getting a bang for your buck.


About Us

Last Chance Animal Rescue operates in Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia. We primarily take in cats from more than 40 high-kill shelters in eight states and provide disaster-relief services for small pets. We partner with more than 30 PetSmart and Petco stores in the region and provide full service in-store cat adoptions.

Adopt a Pet

Last Chance annually rescues and rehomes some 10,000 pets and since 1999, we’ve provided loving homes for more than 100,000 cats and dogs.


We do so much with so little

Budget Animals Adopted
Best Friends Animal Society $35,654,425 750
North Shore Animal League $31,474,278 20,000
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals $6,929,988 8
Washington Animal Rescue League $5,888,249 1,400
Last Chance Animal Rescue $1,021,176 10,000

*Based on 2010 data


We are always looking for more volunteers! If you are interested in volunteering, please contact LCAR's volunteer coordinator at or (301) 885-8538